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New Take on Classic Manicure

Sun, 06/26/2011 - 1:40AM by divineutopia 0 Comments -

I saw this nail look in a copy of GLOW.... or some other magazine... and decided to try it out! I love the classic look with the edgy feel.

What do you think?


Again, a manicure without nail guides. This time I used nail art polish (has a SUPER fine brush so you can do detailed work). You can pick them up at Walmart or most drugstores that carry cosmetics.


I should have shown my thumb in the photo, but for a little detailing I added a cute little heart to just the one thumb.

Maybe that could be my "signature" when I'm doing nail art in my own salon... a little heart on the thumb! What do you guys think? Good idea or bad idea? Do you think everyone would approve of me putting my "signature" on one nail? Discuss.


So this is my post for today!

I am completely open to questions, I'll probably do a thorough search of Yahoo Answers tomorrow to find some burning questions that I can turn into articles. Yep.... definately a plan. I'll add it to my lengthly to-do list along with "Create 4 more face charts, finish the homework my therapist gave me, finish and print the price list for makeup artist prices....etc etc etc."

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and gets everything THEY need to do done. I know it's the day of rest, but I think Sunday is the best day to do those things that you know you should do but you just don't want to.

x's and o's



Too Cute!!! What fun! I think I'll do a pink and black.....



isn't it though? I was in a super-huge rush so it didn't really turn out how I'd hoped, but nails are a huge passion of mine (incase you didn't notice by the 1 nail post a day thing lol)


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